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A Tale of Forest MusicĀ 

My friend’s husband Andrew , a flautist, was on his  way to play in a concert in Dundee. The winter light was fading fast and, as he rounded a bend and drove into an area of thick forest, he caught sight of a young deer at the side of the road. It had been hit by a car and had dragged  itself into the edge of the trees where it appeared to have died. Because of the concert Andrew hadn’t time to stop but made a mental note to check on his way home.

A few hours later, as he drove back, he saw the deer was still there and had moved  further into the forest. He pulled in and, as his headlights flashed over the animal, it moved. The deer was still alive but had little chance of surviving so he  phoned the Wildlife Protection Society who agreed to come out immediately. 

He later explained what he did next.   

“I stayed with the deer because he was still alive and quite distressed. I thought if I talked to him it might calm him. This worked and as he quietened down I had the idea of playing some music to him. I hoped it might help to soothe his pain. 

I went to the car and took my flute out of the case and then I sat down beside him in the forest and, in the darkness, I began to play quietly.  As the flute music filled the night forest it seemed to soothe him. Slowly he  lost consciousness and as I continued to play he drifted peacefully away. It was a very moving and amazing experience “