Angus, Eastern Scotland

Bio: A few years ago I decided to leave London and make my home in a small fishing town on the north east coast of Scotland. It's has a small working harbour with lobster boats plying their trade every day and an inner harbour that has been developed into an attractive marina. Dotted around the edge of the harbour are original fishermen's cottages where I am fortunate to live. The town is flanked by dramatic cliffs to the north east and stunning beaches to the west. Overlooking the town is the old historic Abbey with its big 'O' window which can be seen from far out to sea on wild and windy nights. As a former BBC television producer I've met many interesting people and discovered really unusual aspects of life but this part of north east Scotland is a rich seam of intrigue and delight. Apart from the Mountains, the Glens, the ceiidhs in castles, the Highland games and Scottish life that everyone thinks about, life here has been full of the unexpected; from water divining with old time farmers, dogs being rescued by lifeboats from cliff falls, people setting up cave homes in the cliffs, potters firing ceramics in dug out sand kilns on wild beaches, a flautist playing music to a dying deer by the roadside, annual blueberry picking and more.... and I've been invited along and had some amazing experiences. So I decided it was time to share and write Scottish blogs. Those of you who enjoy reading about Scotland may like to know that I also write about my world travels on Followgrandma@wordpress.com - the blog that tells my children and grandchildren where I am and what I'm up to ! Back to writing for now...

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